App Maths/Accounting & Finance Tutor Required

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App Maths/Accounting & Finance Tutor Required

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 05, 2009 5:18 pm

Job Description & Selection Criteria
I need tuition (maybe 1-2 hours per week) in basic applied maths & algebra. I am doing a masters course in Accounting and Finance for Managers. I need to know basic algebra up to Yr 9 level and intro to statistics, how to calculate mean, median and mode etc.

Example of a small weekly assingment below.

Calculate the following ratios for 2007 and 2008 (use consolidated entity only): (JB HiFI)
(Show all workings)

a) Current ratio
b) Days in inventory
c) Debt Ratio
d) Times Interest Earned
e) Return on Assets
f) Return on Equity

2. For each of the above ratios, explain whether the ratio has improved from the prior year. Provide reasons for your conclusions.

3. Calculate the internal growth rate.

Application Info Required
CV / Resume, Results

Further Information on How To Apply
Please contact via

1-3 hours per week

Rate of Pay
$30 - $35

Contact Details
Ms Natalie Johnson
Ph1: 0420 378 026

Closing Date

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