First year Chemistry and Physics (610102/640142)

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First year Chemistry and Physics (610102/640142)

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Job Description & Selection Criteria
In first semester I studied both physics and chemsitry fundamentals. This semeseter I am studying Chemistry 2 and Physics 2. I struggled with physics last semester and am hoping tutoring with enable me to acheive a better result than first semester. Due to my chemistry mark in my semester one exam, I was eligible to take Chemsitry 2 rather than Chemistry 1 this semester. I chose to do this in order to avoid summer semester. I therefore am interested in a chemistry tutor in addition to physics because although I felt I could cope with chemistry last semester, I think I may struggle keeping up with the pace this semester.

It would be preferable to have a tutor in the Moonee Ponds/Essendon area, however I am happy to do tutoring at Melbourne Uni, preferably on Friday, anytime between 12-2. Saturday morning (around 9am) and/or Sunday afternoon (around 4pm) are also good times if tutoring is to be done outside of uni or closer to exam times.

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Miss Amy Brown

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