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The Business:

We are a small newly start up, home based business.
Our customers are organisations, interest groups varsity student clubs and committees.
We provide custom screen printed tshirts and hoodies to the customers in bulks.

A typical transaction with a customer would range from approx $500 - $2000.

Position Advertised: Sales Representative / Officer

Type: Casual

Nature of work: Non-shop, non-office based. Outdoor sales.

Wage: Base + Commission ($18.00 per hr + 8% of fortnightly sales revenue) before tax.

Number of hours per fortnight: 6 - 8 hrs (sales rep is expected to be sales driven and derive majority of his/her income from commission)

*A sales representative who is unable to bring in customers will not add value to the business


-Have useful contacts in the committees of various university student clubs
-network contacts of potential customers
external to the university
-Meet fortnightly sales quota of more than $1000.00 in sales revenue
-Actively involved in club activities in the University or residential colleges

Things to know before applying:

- Commission will only be awarded if you meet the minimum fortnightly sales quota

- You will not be suitable for this job if you can't get customers for the business

- You will not be supervised as you work

- There is no office or shop where you can work in

- A probationary period of 4 weeks (fully paid) applies from the commencement of employment

Why you might be attracted to this role:

- guaranteed hourly wage rate of $18 before tax, and an effective hourly wage rate of approx $30 or more per hour (provided you can meet quota)

- own email account for business use

- business card for promotion of business

- flexible hours

- a legit sales driven job experience for your resume

- can work from home or anywhere you desire

Successful Candidates:

- will be contacted via SMS, email or phone

Application Info Required
Covering Letter, CV / Resume
Employer Website
Employer Description
Newly start-up small business. Formerly known as University T-shirts. Operates from Home in Melbourne CBD. Provider of custom printed hoodies & t-shirts to Student Clubs/Societies/Interest Groups (bands,dance crews, theatre or performance groups etc.)

6 - 8
Rate of Pay
$18.00/hr before tax and commission
Contact Details
Irvin Sing

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